Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Miss Hayley"

i started a new job at the end of August working at  Wilson Elementary School here in Logan. it was SERIOUSLY such a blessing that i got the job and i have LOVED it! here's how it happened...so i had filled out an application for Logan City and Cache County School Districts (2 different school districts here in Logan..) before i could really "officially" be in the applicant pool, i had to take this test and pass it (because i didn't have very many college credits..) the test was on basic middle school math, and reading, and all that fun stuff. luckily, i PASSED the 2 hour long test..and finally my application process could continue. my roommate Karren, suggested that i go around to the schools and ask to talk to the principals and introduce myself to them! so, i went ahead and did that! i went around to the schools asking if they were hiring, and asked to speak to the principal. most of the time, the office ladies would just say no, or the principal wasn't available..sooo that was unfortunate. i went into Wilson Elementary, and spoke to the principal (Sundee Ware) and she was WAY nice and friendly and very willing to listen to me..she told me to come back in a couple weeks and ask to talk to her again. i kinda started to lose hope, thinkin that i wasn't gonna get hired and that she was just saying that so i would leave!!! a couple of weeks went by, and i decided i was NOT going to give up and i was going to go back to the school again and try. so that's exactly what i did! i went back to Wilson Elem, asked to see Principal Sundee..and she came out and she said "Oh! you were the one that came in a couple weeks ago! i have someone coming in for an interview in about 5 minutes, but i can squeeze you in for a quick interview before she gets here!" so that's EXACTLY what we did!! i was not expecting to be interviewed right on the spot! but i wasn't going to tell her no! so we went into one of the conference rooms in the office, and we sat down. it was me, principal sundee, and mr. jon semetko (who is the teacher in the special ed class that i was being interviewed for!) they asked me some pretty basic interview questions, told them about myself, my background, why i wanted to work there, told me the criteria for working in mr. semetko's class and what i would be doing as an aide, asked if i was okay with changing diapers, if i'd had any experience working with disabled kids, things like that! it was a quick interview! they got my phone number, and email, thanked me for coming in and told me i would hear back from them sometime that week!! i too thanked them for squeezing me in for a quick interview, and as a left the office couldn't believe how well everything went and how perfect my timing was, and left feeling good about things!!! the NEXT day, i get a call from a logan number that i didn't really recognize but decided to answer it! and what do ya know, it was Principal Sundee from Wilson Elementary offering me a job and she wanted me to start the following Monday!!! seriously, talk about a major blessing!! i started that next monday..working in the afternoons, from 12:30-3:30..and i have absolutely LOVED it. i feel like i have learned and grown SO much from working with these wonderful kids. they are definitely a lot of work, but also SO much fun, and so cute, and they for sure make the hard work worth it! most of the time, i am SO excited to go to work and spend time with the kids. they do so many fun activities, and i love playing with them and being a big kid with them! i have gotten so attached to these little kids in the last few months! i love when the call me "Miss Hayley" and they say my name a million times trying to get my attention..i love when i get there and 12:30 and walk in the classroom, or go outside and get them from recess, they each say HI to me..or wave, and smile at me, and ask me "what prep are we going to today??? music..?? p.e..??" i realize how special these kids are..and they make me want to be a way better person. it is the FUNNEST and most rewarding job in the world!!!

It was "ParaProfessional" Appreciation Day..they had these cute little goodies for each of us, along with cinnamon rolls, and juice, and a giant THANK YOU signed by all the teachers..made me feel all important!!!

I hate taking pictures of myself, buuut i sent this to my mom and dad one friday morning to show of my WILSON WILDCATS shirt!! our school colors are blue and red.

 So, all the STAFF had to get their pictures taken on picture day for their little badge that we are supposed to wear..andd they gave us free copies of our pictures. what the heck am i supposed to do with these??? haha..i sent them home to my mom. i figured she'd have some use for them!!

Here is my little badge i wear around the school! makes me feel official!