Tuesday, November 23, 2010


so, karren pyfer and tamra johnson absolutely LOVE halloween! and for years, they have done what's called "Octoberfest." they do a Halloween activity everyday (or almost everyday) in October. i had participated in this a little bit last year when i would come and visit while i was in rexburg, buuut this year i got the WHOLE effect! the apartment was COVERED in halloween decorations, front yard, family room, kitchen, everyyywhere. and we did some fun little festivities during the month!! it was for sure a good month. here are some of the fun and exciting things we did in october!!!!

the decorations...***WARNING*** some decorations are VERY disturbing!!


baby in a jar...

crows in the tree...

book shelf...


i just love this picture because of karren in the background! tam made delicious goodies that i enjoyed veryyy much!!!

caramel apples..

NIGHTMARE ON 13th..haunted house in Salt Lake...

karren being attacked by the stilts man..

Gavin enjoying the stilts man!

me trying to laugh and not be scared and make the stilts man go away...

 protect me gavin!

karren gav me tamra


waiting in liiiine..

haunted house..

swingin' with my love...

thank you kid for making this picture SOO hilarious..

 aladdin and jasmine..

riding the little kid rides with drake!!

gav being a GOOF..

fun/tiring day with the Johnson family!!

we played CLUE and dressed up as people from the game..and thenn later that night watched the movie!

mr. GREEN..

the whole gang!!

miss scarlet (kinda..) and mr. green..

gavin wins....as usual..

i had never seen anything like the pumpkin walk in my life! me tamra and karren went and it was WAY cool! they have pumpkins set up and decorated and painted as different movie scenes! it was awesome! i loved it!

princess peach and mario..this one was for gavin cause we love to play mario party!

the little mermaid...

snow white..



halloween was a blast! heather and nate were in town, so we got to celebrate halloween with them! it was a good thing heather was in town cause she helped me make my costume! i'm so grateful to have such a crafty sister!! we had a little get together at our house, played some games, and then went to Village Inn for a late night meal! 

gavin was sooooo excited about his cowboy costume! i went over in the morning to have breakfast, and he had to put on his cowboy costume and run around the house shooting his gun..it was the cutest thing in the world! just like a little boy..i love him!

ginger the bumblebee!

heather helping me with my costume!

carving pumpkins with my sister!!

handsome cowboy!

cowboy & indian..funny, right?

fighting scene..

but we worked it all out in the end..

heather had THE best comstume! a GNOME!

my indian pumpkin!