Monday, August 23, 2010

may & june 2010-hooome, beach, TANNER, BFF photoshoot, UTAH, gualala, A's..

SO i moved back home end of may/beginning of June for a few weeks while i waited to start my new job in logan! hard to be away from gavin, but also so great being home with the family and spending time with my friends! definitely learned a lot in the month i was home, and did a lot of fun things! here we gooo...

1. moooved home! missed my orange room and BIG comfy bed! and of course, my friends and family and the yoch. came home to a beautiful welcome home poster from my cute friends..
2. went to in n out with the BFF's and our mothers
3. loved driving around and going random places with p.bro, looooved going to the beach, going out with friends, all that fun stuff!
4. cayson got his was fun to drive around with him! SCARY how grown up everybody is getting! makin' me feel ooold..
5. hiking adventures/photoshoot with p.bro..
6. lunch date with CC and Airyk..i love them. they make me laugh so so much.
7. helped tina briggs with her club volleyball team! i love coaching little kids! had so so much fun!
8. random sundays with friends..
9. photoshoot with ETHAN WATTS! ethan had asked me if me and my friends would take some pictures with him! we figured it would be fun to take some pictures together since we don't really know when we'll get to be all together again! it was fun to get dressed up all nice and "model" for ethan. deeefinitely not my thing. i have the most BEAUTIFUL friends in the whole world! so much fun being with them..and ethan is an awesome photographer!! check it OUUTT!
10.  sunday evening spent with the mendoza's, browns, and wildings..had fun playing games, eating and laughing and just being together!!
11. after TWO whole years..tanner FINALLY is home!! he got home june 15th. it was fun anxiously waiting at the airport for him! we were all trying to spot him..and my aunt shelley actually spotted him out! it was fun watching him walk towards us in his missionary outfit and badge and fun to see how happy and excited my mom was!! he's still the saaame ol' tanner! just a little bit more grown up! i love my brother! and so proud of the service he provided in chile for 2 years!!
12. yet ANOTHER trip to utah...i feel like i went back and forth to utah a lottt this summer. cousin CAITLYN got married! woohoo! she was beautiful, reception was beautiful, everything was great. her and andrey are adorable..and i loved spending time with the family and seeing my cousin SO happy!! stayed at the sheffield's, went boating-i love wakeboarding and was proud of myself cause i did way good! played some intense games of "around the world"-ping pong, spent FATHER'S DAY in utah as well, had a delicious homemade meal at heather and nate's and had fun having the WHOLE family together!! later that day, we went and hung out with the Renshaw cousins and family! had fun playing games, and talking, and eating and loving being with the family!!
13. GUALALALALALALALAAA! love it so so much! i always look forward to our annual camping trip to gualala. we've been going there FOREVER! and have had SO many good memories there!! had to take traditional picture in front of the sign, me and tanner doing dishes, loved going to anchor bay and taking jumping pictures, playing wiffle ball, frisbee, football, laying out..doesn't get much better than THAT! so so SO fun to be back with the WHOOLE it. definitely one of the best trips of the summer!
14. A's game! 70's night..we got Joe Rudi jerseys for FREEEEE! i am in LOVE with baseball games..and especially A's games. been going to those games ever since i was little!!
15. SUCH a fun and busy summer! loved being back home..and being with my family and friends. i am the luckiest girl in the world with the BEST friends and family!! i dunno how i got so blessed! but they are seriously so wonderful. i love summertime..being tan, laying out, swimming, no makeup, sleepovers, roadtrips, hiking, flip flops, shorts..ahhh california summers are the BEST!