Monday, August 23, 2010

march 2010 & april 2010--idaho, easters, flower patch, 19 & MORE

well, i AM alive..just in case anyone was wondering/reads this blog..i should probably catch up on what has been happening in my life these past few months. summertime-it's BUSY and i've had a lot going on..soo, here we go with a update! let's seeee if i can even remember! let's start with MARCH & APRIL...

MARCH- paige came to visit/road trip to visit the HOMIES in rexburg idahooooooo!
1. my dearest cousin P.BROOOOO came and visited me for a few weeks! we had a grand old time shopping, and going to taco bell together like old times, hungout with teej roberts, played some soccer, and definitely the highlight of her stay was driving up to REXBURG, IDAHOOOO to see our BFF jamie rose wilding, and our other rexburg friends that we have missed dearly!! paige, marcelo and i took the lovely jeep and drove to idaho and had a LOVELY stay with jamie and errybody else. it was way fun to be back in rexburg, and i definitely missed all the people there!! we had lots of fun being back there and visiting everyone. we stayed for a couple days, and then headed back to provo..anddd we kidnapped jamie and took her back with us! we also made a pit stop in Logan and visited gavin and his family! they got to meet p.bro, and jamie, and marcelo. i love roadtrips. we had so much fun singing disney songs outloud, and talking, and driving, and enjoying road trip snacks, and all that other fun stuff!  loved it. love all the wonderful friends i have in rexburg and everywhere else! i'm pretty sure i know the BEST and funnest and COOLEST people in the world. EVERYONE i know, has affected me somehow in my life or taught me some important lesson! and i thank them for that..whether they know it or not. march was a great month..loved spending time with paige, and jamie and LOVE them soo dang much! i think that was the highlight of the month of march...
2. OH! and uncle aaron was in town and we all went to dinner together..

APRIL- BUSY month...paige's birthday, jamie's birthday, MY birthday, dad visits, EASTER, trips to logan..trip to salt lake to visit JAIMUL, uncle kent visits, last days at the FLOWER PATCH, roadtrip home to CA.. and i'm sure some other exciting important stuff happened that i cannot seem to remember at the moment...
1. visits to logan-playing softball with gav, gavin's baseball game
2. EASTER-obsessed with dying easter eggs,  made my FIRST arrangement in a basket at the Flower Patch (SO proud of myself!), gavin's first "egg fight", dinner at the Renshaw's, croquet, easter egg hunt, fun fun times with the fam! LOVE THEM!
3. quick trip to Salt Lake to visit jaimul at her sister's house! had a sleepover at Melanie and Scott's, and went a saw "Valentine's Day" at the dollar theater! it was a quick trip, but SO worth it! i love anytime i get to spend with my friends!
4. DAD comes to provo for a quick trip! he was in town for some business and we got to hangout for a bit before he headed back to the Yoch. i love my crazy, goofy, funny dad!!!
5.  finally 19!! 18 is just not a fun age. like, you're graduated from high're not a little baby anymore. but when people ask you how old you are and you say "18"...they just get this look like, "wow, she's young." maybe that just happens with me..especially since i'm dating gavin who is 23 and apparently people think i'm much more mature than an 18 year old. (i like to thiiink i am, but i still feel like i'm 12 sometimes..) that's okay though! cause gavin is like a big kid too sometimes! but anyways, i'm 19 now..stilll in my teens. and it's CRAZY to think that i'll be 20 next year. that freaks me out. i got a wonderful package in the mail from my mother, worked, and went to dinner with cory and heather and nate!  and then to NICKEL CITY and played some games, and heather made a delicious funfetti cake! my FAVORITE! my cute little friends also sent me some goodies and wrote me some birthday greetings which was a way fun surprise! they are the BEST! it was a very lovely day spent with the fam. it was my very FIRST birthday away from home, which was pretty weird..but my older siblings took VERY good care of me and getting a package in the mail from my momma made my day awesome-because i just LOVE getting things in the mail.
6. Uncle Kent was in town dropping Caitlin off-we all got together for a Sunday dinner. it was fun to spend time with uncle Kent and Caitlin cause we don't get to see them very often!! 
7. LAST days at the Provo Flower Patch! We all went to Pizza Pie Cafe since several of us were leaving and would all be going our separate ways! i sure do MISS all those lovely people and miss workin' at the Flower Patch! SUCH a fun job and a great experience..definitely learned a LOT! me & lara (who is now serving as a missionary in UKRAINE!) had the idea to do something nice for we cut out pieces of poster board and put all the co-workers names on it, and passed them around at dinner, and everyone had to write something nice about each other! it was a fun time and fun to see what everyone wrote about each other! Flower Patch Kids 4 Lyyyfe!
8. ROADTRIP home to California! drove home with heather and cory and a bunch of cory's friends. gotta love that 11 hour drive!! had SO much fun at home! got to watch cayson play volleyball, LOVED coming home to a welcome home sign (renshaw tradition!) loved, loved, LOVED going to the beach and getting my TAN on and hanging out with my friends! cousin ashley (now ashley doman) got MARRIED..and so did David Whitaker. Congratulations to the happy married couples! SUCH a fun trip! short and sweet! but definitely much needed..there really is NO place like home. even though i didn't get to sleep in my own bed, and i still loved being home with the family, and love being in the comfort of my own home. doesn't get much better than that!
9. BACK to logan! took a trip to the dog park with Max and Tamra with Dodger and Ginger. cutest little dogs. we saw some BEAUTIFUL huskies..i think they're my favorite dog..picnic at first dam with gavin j! made pb&j sandwiches, and ate some delicious snacks and had fun just relaxing and being together!
10. wow, april was WAY more crazy than i thought it was!! definitely a great month though..spent with family and friends..may have forgotten some other events..but think those were the highlights of the month!