Tuesday, August 24, 2010

JULY & AUGUST-logan, UT..baseball & softball games, family, friends, HAPPY

JULY-moving in,n settling in, working, playing, baseball & softball games, chillin...

1. SO. many of you, (well, all 3 of you that actually read this blog..) probably know that i moved to LOGAN, Utah at the beginning of July. yes, Gavin lives here and is from here and is going to Utah State. plan was to move here and work, and finish establishing residency and then go to school next year! i've been thinkin about doin dental assisting, or medical assisting, orrr something along those lines...

2.  i moved in a nice little apartment with Karren Pyfer and Annie Miggin. we have a CUTE little place. 2 bedrooms, me and Annie share a room..kitchen, family room, little backyard, 2 bathrooms, its pretty dang cute and homey! i am still unpacking and trying to organize and get everything in order. i feel like i've moved around SO much, i'm a professional at packing/unpacking..yet, it still takes me a while to get everything COMPLETELY unpacked and all set up and organized. it's gettin there!!

3. watching Gav play baseball, hangin' out with max & jean and the puppies, and adorable little ridge, and of course tamra! i love watching baseball/any sports pretty much, buuut it's always SO much more fun when you know someone who is playing, anddddd it's even better when it's your boyfriend who is a STUD baseball player! yes, i am bragging about him. but it's true. he is a good little player. he's thinkin' he probably won't be playing this fall cause he'll be too busy, etc..so i'm gonna MISS watching him! but he plays plenty of softball too, so i can go to those games and cheer him on!

4. sister comes to visit! nate pyfer-heather's hubby is from logan, so they make trips up this way pretty frequently to see his family and bonus-i can see them TOO when i come up!! we didn't do anything too exciting-due to the fact that i had to work. but, we hung out and had some good sisterly bonding, and also went to dinner with kyle and annie and brother pyfer. so it was fun to see them and hangout!! it's nice having a couple different "families away from home" since i'm all alone here! i know if i ever needed anything, they would help me out and have my back! and i am EXTREMELY grateful for that..and definitely owe the Pyfers' and the Johnsons' for everything they have done for me!

5. july 24th-pioneer day-DEFINITELY a pretty big deal here in utah. we had a BBQ at Alyssa Olsen's house and later that night we watched fireworks with some homies! (picture is candice, michelle, alyssa and me!)

6. me and gavin went shopping several weeks ago for new dress shirts for his new manager job that he has! he has to look all professional and official, so we had a fun day shopping for different color shirts..he looks handsome in anything. but this was my faaavorite shirt that he bought! he really is the handsomest!! AND he does not like taking pictures..so thaank you gavin for cooperating and taking pictures with after church.

7. MOM VISITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cayson and my mom drove up to Utah together because cayson was going to EFY for the week, and my mom stayed in provo for the week and got to visit lots of friends and family..gav and i drove down to Alpine to my uncle lance and aunt jeralee's house and had a delicious sunday dinner, played bocce ball, and croquet, and talked and laughed and had a joyous time together!! i love being with my cousins. they are CRAZY and fun and always make me laugh! i love them so much!

8. my mom is the BEST and made a special trip up to see me in logan!! i wish i could have spent more time with her, but i had to work. we did get to spend the whole day together, and went to breakfast at village inn, and went shopping-i got some WAYY cute skirts from Dillard's and DownEast Outfitters. we also went to the temple and took some pictures and walked around and my mom told me that my grandma and grandpa arnold were married in the logan temple! i never knew that! AND it just so happened, that the day we were there was their anniversary!! (august 5th!) how crazy is that?? thennn we went over to gavin's house and my mom met Brother and Sister Johnson (Max and Jean) for the first time! i think it went well! who doesn't like my mom?? and the Johnson's are wonderful too! we had a fun time talking with them and then my mom had to head back to provo. she is the BOMB and i was so so grateful she made the 2 hour trip up to logan to see me. i seriously don't know what i would do without her. she is my favorite. and she is the ABSOLUTE BEST!

9. pico de gallo annie o miggin fuente dylan jr. betty betts hay pyfer-this is the name of karren and annie's dog. (notice the "hay" that's for me!) ha. crazy long name..and he's adorable.....most of the time.......he's definitely NOT adorable when he barks constantly, poops and pees in the house, and chews up anything and everything he finds and eats people's CAKE (this will be explained in #10)...buuut, he really is a good dog. and he's gotten so much better! and i've bonded with him..and even let him hangout on my bed with me a few times. i told karren the other day that i like having a dog in the house cause it makes me feel safe! and any time i'm home alone, he's there to keep me company!! i like it! he's a cute little puppy.

10. annie and i made a cake for karren for her first day of school! (karren is a special ed teacher at one of the elementary schools here in logan) annie had the GENIUS idea to make a PENCIL cake! what a smart/creative girl. so that is what we did! we made a pencil cake. took lots of time and effort and thinking to get the colors just right..and have it look like a pencil! karren was so happy and excited when she got home and saw the cake and the note we wrote for her. TOO bad she didn't get to EAT any of her pencil cake because PICO DEMOLISHED IT! i guess it wasn't in the best place..way easy access for pico. he definitely enjoyed it! he licked the plate/table clean. pyscho little dog.

11. gavin played in a softball tournament down in Taylorsville, so i drove down with him and my wonderful big brother, Tanner, met up with us and i drove back to provo with him! we stopped at in-n-out (they don't have one in logan..) then we went back to heather and nate's, enjoyed our food, talked and laughed and tanner played the piano for us..then we got pillows and blankets and got ready for bed and had a sleepover! we put in Emporer's New Groove..according to tanner, heather and i fell asleep in the first 10 minutes..and he stayed up and watched the whole thing! the next morning, we helped tanner unpack his clothes and stuff in his new apartment, then we went to D.I. and had lunch at The Italian Place, and then i had to head backkk up to logan! i wish we could have stayed longer, but gavin drove his other friend and he had to get back..but i was atleast grateful i got to spend a night/day with them!! it's always a good time when i'm with my older siblings. they are so wise, and fun and take good care of me! and i love hanging out with them!

12. that is my life! i think i've pretty much caught up on everything that's been happening in the past few months! it's beautiful here in logan and i'm really loving it. here's a few things that i love about it...
* it's SO nice to not have to do the whole long distance relationship..and we can drive 10 minutes to see each other.
*i love when gavin comes over for lunch during his lunch break at work..i'm always excited to see him! even if it is only for a little bit
*going to church with gavin
*i'm getting used to the smell of FARM and cows..there are cows RIGHT across the street from me..gavin likes to tease me about how i'm "such a california girl" and i tease him how he's a little "cowboy country booy" ha. but this whole farm thing is starting to grow on me! makes me wanna shoot a gun and ride a horse!!
*i love when i've had a hard or stressful day, and i know i get to see gavin later that night, or he can come over and give me a hug and tell me it's gonna be okay and he'll talk to me and make me feel better
*i like the small, homey feel Logan has and that i can ride a bike or even walk places! *LOVE having the temple so close..and being able to see it and go there and just sit and think and relax..it's just so peaceful and makes me happy

those are just a few things that i love about living here and logan..kinda cool that my grandma arnold grew up here and i've got some roots and connections here! i'm becoming very fond with logan utah..never thought i'd say that! but it's a great little place and i am HAPPY.