Monday, February 1, 2010


soo much has happened since the last time i've written on here. soo, this blog post may be extremely long. please bear with me. here's an update on my life;
1. i am currently living in provo utah.
2. i am working at the flower patch, which i absolutely love & i feel so lucky to have been hooked up with this job! my boss is excellent, and i love all the people i work with!
3. i'm living in the Chelsea Condominiums..i have 2 other roommates who are wayyy nice and we all get along great! i'm lucky i didn't get stuck with some crazies!
4. i'm grateful to be living close to family and i know if i ever need anything, they'll be there for me!
5. i got a package from my mom today, and that definitely made me happy. i don't know how i got SO lucky to have the best parents/family/friends/boyfriend in the world..buut, somehow i did. and i'm so grateful for all them. and for allll the people in my life.
6. my room is a disaster, and i have so many pairs of sweats, and so many pajama shirts..i don't know what to dooo with all of them! there's no room!
7. oreos & peanut butter = love. (andd they're gonna make me get fat)
8. i'm soooo ready for summer! and i'm sooo done with the snow.
9. i love having long conversations on the phone with my best friends. i talked to my bfffff jamie rose wilding for several hours today. we talked about life, and growing up, and making decisions, and alll those things. talking to her reminded me once again how lucky i am to have such great friends who care about me, and who will always be there and support me no matter what.
10. i am theeeee worst decision maker in the whole entire world. i need to try and work on that.
11. i need to set goals for myself, and i need to figure out what i'm doing with my life.
12. doing dishes is a stress reliever for me.
13. doing laundry ain't so bad; it's putting the clothes awayyyy that's the hard part for me.
14. the drain in my shower doesn't work, or something is wrong with it..i neeed to get that checked out.
15. i miss my p.bro!! it's so weird going from being with each other 24/7, to nottt being with each other at allll! it's horrible.
16. i dooo miss rexburg, a litttle bit. well, not necessarily rexburg, buut i miss the people, and i do miss the memories i have there!
17. i'm always worried about disappointing people, buutt then i end up disappointing them anyways. i hate when that happens.
18. i like living on my own, and having to take care of myself and feel responsible. it's good for me, but sometimes it's way hard.
19. i'm totally just rambling about random crap..
20. it's been so long since i've written and i have so much to sayyyy, i don't even remember all that's happened to me! soo i think i will end here.
21. my little sister has the cutest blog in the world. she's the one that inspires me to keep up with my blog! everytime i look at hers, it makes me wanna write on my blog. soo thank you mckenzie!
22. i think my mom is the only one that reads my blog anyways, sooo whateva.
23. i can't wait for the movie, Dear John to come out. i wanna read the book!
24. yes, hayley wants to read a book. amazing, huh?
25. andddd hayley even misses school! crazy isn't it?