Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"i'm in love, i'm in love & i don't care who knowssss it!"-Elf

i figured it was time to get serious about this whole blogging thing, anddd i'm gonna try to be more faithful. buut, i'm not making any promises. let's seeeee here..i shalll tell you about my valentine's weekend and about my very sweet boyfriend named gavin j. johnson..

warning: i'm really not the best story teller in person, andd i'm thinkin' typing this whole story out is gonna be even woorse, soo please bear with me..

soo, the beginning of this week, we had discussed that we weren't gonna be able to do anything because gavin had a baseball game in colorado..not gonna lie, i was pretty bummed about it; buut valentine's has never been a big deal to me, so i wasn't toooo heartbroken. so it was whatever. but one night while we were talking on the phone, he said "is chelsea there? let me talk to her, i just wanna say hi!" (p.s- chelsea is one of my wonderful roommates) so i handed her the phone, and she told me to go in my room so i wouldn't hear (do you really think i was gonnna go into my room and notttt listen to what they were talking about? heckkkkk no.) so i stood just outside my room behind the wall so she couldn't see me, and heard her giving gavin her number. (let me clarify, she dooesss have a boyfriend) so, she finishes talking and i go back out there acting like i have no idea what's going on..she hands the phone to me and says "he just wanted to know mine & chris' (her boyfriend) last names so he could add us on facebook. LIE-i heard the whole conversation and not oonce did she mention their last names. so, this is when i began to be a little bit suspicious...
soo, the week goes on..i was crazy busy working (at the loovely Flower Patch, getting ready for valentine's day!) and didn't really think tooo much of the conversation chelsea & gavin had, and i didn't wanna get my hopes up. i was pretty bummed out during the week though, and i diddd mention something to chelsea & chris one night about how i was a little bit sad that i wasn't gonnna see gavin..and that it was our first valentine's day together and i was a little bit bummed about it (they however knewwwwww of gavin's sneaky plans, and lieddd to me & acted like they had noo clue anything was happening) so, one night i was thinking about the sketchy conversation i heard with chelsea and gavin and i thought to myself, ya know..i wonder if gavin really dooesss have baseball. so, i did some detective work..i prrrooomise i'm not that creepy..buut i went online and looked at the baseball schedule for Utah State to see if he really did have a game, anddd lo and behold, there was no game scheduled for the weekend, however he is playing in colorado feb.20th. suuper sketchy, riighttt?? so i texted my wonderful cousin paige melanie brown..aka p.bro. and told her i was doing some detective work, and needed to find out if gavin was doin' somethin sneaky. so i told her to just text him and casually askkk whatt he had planned for me for valentine's day. so she did, andd she texted me back and was like "he said he has baseball and he feels hecka bad." (little did i know, she was lying to me as welll, and gavin told her all about his little plan and told her not to telll me anything) so, once i had paige ask him about it and she told me he really did have baseball, i gave up on my detective work and just figured that the schedule online was wrong, or the game got moved uppp, orr somethin' like that.
the week continued, and it is nowww saturday..i had work from 7am-5pm..crrazy busy day at the flower patch, and i was absolutely exhausted. gavin had texted me in the morning and told me he had a double header and that he would call me after his games. i wished him goodluck, and continued with my busy dayy at work. he texted me at about 5pm, right when i was getting off work and saiddd.."hey babe, we just got done with our games, we won one and lost one, call me when you get off work so i can tell you about it, you get off soon don't you?" soo i called him while driving home from work and told him about my dayy and how i was tired and just ready to be hoome and felt gross, etc..etc. andd he was being weird on phone & asking me stuff like, how far away is your work from your apartment? when are you gonna be home? what's your address again? soo i started thinkin' maayybe somethin was up. but once again, didn't wanna get my hopes up and then be disappointed. so then he was like, "just call me when you get home, kay? me and the baseball guys are going out to dinner sooon..but calll me when you're home." so i hung up, alll confused and wondering why the crap he was being soo weird..and i get back to my apartment, katie (my other wonderful roommate) is sittin' on the couch watching t.v, asked me how work was, acted totallyy normal..i went in the kitchen, drank some orange juice (out of the carton might i add) andd i noticed my door was closed, which i thought was weird, and didn't remember closing my door when i left..so i walk in my room..and gavin is sitting on my bed, holding a rose, and says "Surprise!" i suuure was surprised and i was SOO, SO, SOOOO extremely happy to see him! i was so shocked and confused and surprised, and couldn't believe he was really here! he got up and gave me a hug, and i was like, "wait, where did you come from? did you drive here from colorado? what about baseball???" and he was like, "i didn't have baseball..i drove here from logan! are you surprised?" andd duhhh, of coourse i was surprised! he is such a sneaky little guy, and had it alll planned out perfectly!! it was seriously the best valentine's weekend ever, and i am SO grateful to have such a thoughtful, sweet, cute boyfriend who cares so much about me.
so i still was in shock that he was actually here, and i of course was freakin out cause i looked like a hot mess and was in this lovely bright yellow t-shirt that said "the flower patch" on it cause i had to wear it during the weekend..andd i was exhausted from a long day and felt gross..and i wish i woulda knownnn he was coming cause then i would have tried to look cuter! he told me he had made reservations at some italian restaurant, buut i told him we really didn't need to go out anywhere, and didn't need to spend a ton of money..soo we decided to go to the grocery store (which by the way is one of my favorite things..grocery shopping with gavin. lol, i doon't know why..but i just love it!) we decided to make chicken fettucine..bought alll the ingredients, went back to my apartment and made it together. (p.s-this was my first time maaking this on my own, soo i was a little worried about how it would turn out, buut it ended up being absolutely delicious!) so we made our dinner, changed into our p.j's (because we both hate being in reaal clothes and love just being in sweats) andd ate our dinner together in our jammies! precious, huh? lol he definitely is a keeper for sure. we ended the night by watching Aladdin on my laptop (because i could nottt figure out how to work the t.v.) deeefinitely a wonderful saturday evening! i was one very happy girl! 

there is moore to my fun weekend! jamie rose wilding came to visit me as wellll! i absolutely LOVE her, and it was sooo, so, soooooooo nice to be reunited with one my besttesttt friends! we had some nice girl talk, and had fun catching up on everything..and had fun hanging out with our boysss together. i felt bad because i was crazy busy with work, and stufff..buut we still had a wonderful time together. i'm ticked that we didn't take ONE single picture together!! this is the only documentation i have of jamie visiting...

friday nightt, we went to taco bell, the weekend wouldn't have been complete with outttt a trip to taco bell! after, we went to Smith's (grocery store, we had a little bit of a girl emergency and needed to buy some supplies) andd then went back to my apartment and just talked and went to bed. 
saturdayyy, i had work super early..but her and marcelo came over after gavin had got here and we alll hung out for a bit. thennn we went our separate ways to do our valentine celebrations. orr whatever you wanna call it. 
sundayy, marcelo, jamie, gavin and i alll went to church together! marcelo was giving a talk in his ward, so we went a heard him speak! he gave a wonderful talk, and afterwards..we went back to my apartmentttt, i made grilled cheese sandwiches (one of my specialties!) andd then we watched Hook, andd all fell asleep. we woke up and jamie & marcelo had plans to go to his grandparents house for dinner, and gavin & i had plans to go to his cousins house and eat dinner there! so we awoke from our naps, anddd went our separate ways for a bit. gavin & i enjoyed a delicious thai meal (he has chinese cousins..is that how you spell thai..?) anywho, ate some way good food and played cranium. (p.s-i officially decided i am horrible at board games) buut afterwards, we went over to heather & nate's andd watched the olympics, and ate some ice cream and just huuungg out! it was a very wonderful sabbath day.
mondayyyy, the day jamie and gavin had to leave. sadd day. i went to lunch with gavin & his cousins, and his friend riley. jamie and marcelo hung out and went to starbucks. we thennn were reunited and had waffles & ice cream at marcelo's apartment! deelish..i recommend waffles and ice cream to anyybody! carrying on my grandpa's tradition! jamie left around 6ish..and gavin left arounddd 8.
i decided that saying goodbye is neverrr easy. whether it's a best friend you don't get to seee very often, orrr whether it's your boyfriend that you only really get to see on the weekends. it's never a fun thing to do...buut, i'm just grateful for the time i got to spend with gavin and jamie..and remember how lucky i am to have such wonderful people in my life who i care so much about, and who i know care so much about me. overall, i had an absolutely wonderful weekend, and spent it with people i love the most.

 i feel like the past week was definitely an overalll goood week. i got a valentine's package from my mom with her delicious sugar cookies, andd a little bit of cashola..i worked a lot and stayed busy and can't waaaittt for my paycheck..and i just felt like it was a way good week. and the weekend was evennnn better! props to those who actually got to the end of this blog post and didn't stop reading half way through. i think this maayyyy be the longest post ever written on a blog. probably not, buut i feel like it could be! this weeek has already been a good one! and tonight i am going to see Princess & the Frog at the dollar theater with some peeps from work, and my brother..sooo looks like i shall have a wonderful week ahead of me! andddddddd I GET TO SEE PAIGE MELANIE BROWN IN LIKE TWOOO WEEKS! february 26th-march 8th is whenn she shalll be here! ahhhhh..SO excited. i miss my cousin/best friend! okay, i'm officialllyy ending this post now. i really need to start being better at regularly writing so thatt i don't have to always have ridicuously loong posts. that's alll for now! life is goooooooood & i couldn't be happier!