Monday, December 7, 2009

thoughts going through hayley's brain.

1. i'm ready for christmas break
2. i absolutely misssssssss my family & can't wait to be with them in a couple weeks
3. i miss my handsome boyfriend named gavin
4. snow ain't too shabby, it's pretttyy, and i'm getting used to the cold. (sorta)
5. i love my family a lot. a lot a lot.
6. ELF is such a great movie, definitely my favorite christmas movie. it makes me happy, and makes me laugh nonstop.
7. i love my roommates, and love just talking to them about stufff; boys, church, life..everything & everyything.
8. i dunno what i'd do without p.bro. seriously. she's a lifesaver.
9. i can't wait for christmas. it doesn't even feeeeel like christmastime here! (besides the snoww) buut i miss my christmas tree! and christmas lights! and our garland on the stairs, and all our christmas decorations at home!
10. the world is a crraazy place. i wonder what it's gonna be like when i have kids..?
11. i should probably go to sleeep, buut i don't want to. cause then when i wake up, that means i gotta go to schoooool.
12. i'm so over school and ready to be done.
13. i love the song "mistletoe" by colbie caillat. it's soooo cute.
14. christmas music makes me happyy
15. i miss being tan.
16. i miss the beaaachh!
17. i miss having a car.
18. i've never made a snowman before.
19. david archuleta is a precious little guy..went to his concert on friday. he's such a sweetheart.
20. michelle made delicious chocolate chip cookies, and i ate two of them tonight.
21. i reallly need to stop eating late at night. deefinitely not healthy for me.
22. i definitely recommend 8 minute abs. i've been trying to be healthier, and exercise more and do it everyday. it burrnns.
23. i missss being active: playing soccer, volleyball, and just feeling in shaaape. i'm workin' on it though. i hope people don't think i've gotten fat when i go home!
24. i need to figure out what i'm doin with my life.
25. i've learned a lot about myself since i've been here in lovely little idaho.
26. i'm reallyyy glad that my sister & brother-in-law are alive & welll! they had a little carbon monoxide scare. i love them! & glad they're okay!
27. i wish i could just hang outt these next couple weeks and bond with the rooommates. buut instead i gotta study & go to classss & do homework. boo boo.
28. tanner comes home in 6 monthssss! can't wait to talk to him on christmas! i misss my brother!
29. elephants are really cute.
30. i miss kelli sierra brannon.
31. me & p.bro are gonna try this juuuice cleanse thing..we'lll see how that goes.
32. i seriously should stop writing random crap now..buut i'm just gonna see what else pops in my head.
33. i love being mormon
34. i miss black people.
35. i need a cooler name for my blog..any suggestions?
36. my little sister seriously has the cuuutest blog in the world. she's the cutest little sister everrrrrr!
37. i wonder who actually reaads this blog/if anyyyone reads this? ha.
38. this is my favorite blog ever
39. kay, i really think i'm done now. it's 1:36am here in the lovely state of idaho, and it is approximately 1 degree outside. seriously.  

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1°F | °C
Current: Partly Cloudy
Wind: NE at 8 mph
Humidity: 54%

40. sometimes i forget that i live here.
41. bedtime for hayley.
42. peace.
43. and love.