Sunday, November 22, 2009

families are forever

thanksgiving break. what a glorious time of the year. no school, spending time with family and friends, delicious food. love it. left rexburg friday morning..hungout with gavin, the family made the lovely drive to utah, and we met up with them sunday night and went to nate's showww. afterwards, ate taco bell for dinner (which i hadn't had for dayysss) thenn just hung out the rest of the night! had an absolutely delicious dinner with the family: roast, mashed potatoes, cooked carrotts, corn, rolls, strawberry banana jello, and pumpkins bars. soooooo nice to eat a reaaal homecooked meal! after dinner, we discussed this whole blogging business, and mckenzie helped dave and i out with our blogs. so, thank you mckenzie jane for helping me make my blog look somewhat cool. i'm stilll learning and learning new blogging tricks. buuuut, i realized how much i love my family and i've gained a greater appreciation for my parents and my siblings. i love them! and they are truly some of my closest friends. i always have so much fun with them, and know that they'll always have my backkk! it's been lovely being with them, and i have loved not being in rexburg. not gonna lie, i'm not missing it toooo much. but i do miss my hot roommates.