Monday, August 31, 2009

dunno how to work this thing..

...idaho, no yoou da ho.

this is my very first blog post. (obviously) i have no idea how to work this, so please, everyone..bear with me as i am learning how to become a "blogger."

my sister, heather, told me that when i go off to BYU-IDAHO i should make a blog of all my new adventures there; so..i thought it would be fun! i hope i'll be able to keep up with it! my blog is not going to be as advanced or as entertaining as my cousins (Brooke & Kelli) who have amazing blogs, and cool pictures, and my sister (Heather) they are way more crafty and creative with these things. but thank you to the few people who will follow me on this blogging adventure!

4 days until i leave for many different feelings! excited/scared/nervous/anxious/sad/happy..the list is quite long. mostly excited though, and getting way anxious to leave. the other morning i woke up, and realized how weird it's going to be to wake up in a completely different room, in a new bed, without my family there! i'm sure i'll be pretty homesick for a while, but thank goodness i'll have 2 of my best friends with me! Paige Melanie Brown- cousin/best friend/basically my sister; we're gonna be living together!
Jamie Rose Wilding- best friend since we were in our mother's stomachs; she'll be living in the apartments riiight across the street from us. yayyyyy for best friends going to idaho together!