Sunday, July 3, 2011

i'm still alive...

holy moly, it has been FOREVER and a day since i've updated this thing..i'm surprised i even remember my password!!! there are SO many things that i must update the blogging world about..(even though i still think my mom is the only one who reads this thing...and she probably doesn't anymore since i haven't updated it in months!) anyways, let's get down to's what's been happening in my life! i'll start with the MOST exciting to the little not as exciting we go..let's see if i can remember!

1. I GOT ENGAGED! and let me just say, i love being engaged and can't wait to be gavin's wife and for him to be my husband.  what i'm MOST excited about is to be sealed to my very best friend in the temple for time and all eternity. seriously..what could be better than that??? 
*Here's how the proposal went trafalga (mini golf place!) is where we VERY first met and hung out about 2 years ago. (i have that night we first met alllllll documented in my journal..i'll have to find that and share some of it..anyways..) so i had been down in provo with my family because they were in town for cory's graduation from BYU and it was easter, AND my birthday! so i hung out with the fam, went to the graduation festivities and thursday night (4/21/2011) my family and the browns all went to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen..gavin came down from logan that night to spend some time with the we ate, talked, enjoyed being with family, and then after a late dinner and at approximately 10pm gavin and nate (my brother-in-law) say they want to go to Trafalga! it was late, and my family said they were all tired and didn't really wanna go, so me, gav, heather and nate decide we are just gonna have a little double date! once we got there, nate got a phone call from my mom saying they changed their mind and that they were gonna come and join us! so we waited for them to get there, we started to golf..little did i know that had it all strategically planned out that heather, nate, cayson and mckenzie would start in front of us, and then me, gavin, tanner and my dad started after..and i was the first to, we golf, we're having a good time, and then we get to the 17th hole (by this time its close to midnight, and i'm feeling tired and ready to be done and go to bed! i finish my turn at the 17th hole, and after like 3 tries finally got my ball in the hole. i bend down to get the ball out and there's a black little ring box!! my first words were, "WHAT THE HECK!?!?" i pick it up, turn around, gavin takes the box from me and gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him!! ♥ couldn't have asked for a more perfect proposal! my hair wasn't done, i wasn't really lookin very cute..but that's what made it REAL and perfect for US. i was surrounded by my family, the most important people in my life, and they were able to see it all happen. gavin is so sneaky!!! come to find out, my family had known that this was gonna happen while they were there, and gavin's family and friends all knew about it too!!! i was clueless..SO surprised..and SO SO SOOOOOOOOO happy! september 2nd, 2011 is the big day!!! and trust me, i have been counting down the dayyssssssssss since we've picked the date! i love gavin so much..and seriously am so grateful for him and feel like the luckiest girl on the earth.

Cory's graduation!

 Dinner at CPK before the PROPOSAL

 Didn't know this was happening or else i would have done my hair or something! 
But this is just us...i love him sooooo big!
the big ol RING! me and gav designed it together with an amazing jeweler in logan named Dave Love..he did GREAT!

 sister's checkin' out the bling!

 the whole fam! (except Cory, he was tired after his big week of graduation festivities)

2. Gavin has been gone this summer selling security systems. AKA we have been apart since middle of May, and it has been sooooo hard! he is working for Pinnacle Security Systems. he first started in Chicago, and then they moved to Michigan to sell! he has never gone out and sold before, but thought it would be a good opportunity to go out and make some money for when we get married. he is seriously the most hardworking guy i know, and gives 100000000% in all that he does..and i think that is definitely showing! he has been pretty successful, but it still is not fun to be matter how much money he may be making! we knew this would be a big sacrifice for us, but we also know that it is going to be so worth it in the end, and we have to keep an eternal perspective, and remember that this is going to benefit us in our future together! i am so proud of him..and i think being away from each other has made our relationship even stronger.

pictures of the final goodbye :(

 saying bye to Ginge :(

3. Since gavin was gonna be gone all summer..i decided it would be best to move back to antioch for the summer, and work and save money, and spend time with my family and friends and do WEDDING planning of course!! it has worked out so great! i've got a great job nannying. definitely hard work-but also LOTS of fun..and so much better than a boring desk or job in retail! it's different being home..i have realized how much i have changed and also grown up since i've been out on my own! i'm not all about just playing and having a good time..instead i'd rather spend my time working and earning money for mine and gavin's future! i've got a husband to support now! it's not just me anymore..but i am seriously so excited. i have also been able to do lots of fun things with my family, and everyday i get closer and closer to them! we did our annual Gualala trip with the browns, A's game, beach trip with friends, and just hanging out!  trying to keep myself as busy as possible so i don't miss my gavin so much. it's also been so much fun being home with my mom and making wedding plans..she is so excited, and seriously comes home with some new wedding thing everyday. whether it's decorations, jewelry, shoes, random accessories, or just new ideas she thinks of! she's the best..and is one of MY very best friends!

4. i have been away from gavin for like 2 months..ridiculously long time, huh? but good news is i FINALLY get to go and see him!!!! YAY! can't wait to just be with him and spend time with him! and i also can't wait to hug him and kiss him either. i cannot even describe the amount of how much i MISS him! it's hard going from being with someone pretty much everyday, to not seeing them at all, and only being able to talk on the phone and text! but 11 more days till i get to see him! just another countdown to add to my list! he makes me SO dang happy.

these are a couple goofy pictures from our engagement session with kelli brown!

 he is silly. we have so much fun together. i love it. i love HIM!

5. my nannying job is definitely preparing me to be a mom-i can handle the crying, and screaming, and no sleep, and being woken up in the middle of the night, and the stinky diapers..all that fun stuff! but it also IS very much worth it and SO much fun! i get to do fun things like go to the water park, go swimming, play at the park, go to movies, and i get paid!

6. i feel really cool cause i have an iPhone now

7. i have a fancy countdown app on my cool new's my favorite.

8. i found my wedding dress..and get to go to Utah with my mom the first week of august for my final dress fitting and get to bring it HOME! not gonna post a picture so it can be a surprise :)

9. life is so great and wonderful..and there's SO many great and exciting things happening in my life. i feel SO blessed, and so grateful for the wonderful family and friends that i have, and also so grateful for gavin's wonderful family that i get to be a part of! i can't wait to be sealed in the temple to gavin, and grateful for the knowledge that i have of temples, and eternal families. i couldn't be happier with life! and grateful for all the wonderful people IN my life!

10.  61 days till i get married :) AND happy 4th of july tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


so, karren pyfer and tamra johnson absolutely LOVE halloween! and for years, they have done what's called "Octoberfest." they do a Halloween activity everyday (or almost everyday) in October. i had participated in this a little bit last year when i would come and visit while i was in rexburg, buuut this year i got the WHOLE effect! the apartment was COVERED in halloween decorations, front yard, family room, kitchen, everyyywhere. and we did some fun little festivities during the month!! it was for sure a good month. here are some of the fun and exciting things we did in october!!!!

the decorations...***WARNING*** some decorations are VERY disturbing!!


baby in a jar...

crows in the tree...

book shelf...


i just love this picture because of karren in the background! tam made delicious goodies that i enjoyed veryyy much!!!

caramel apples..

NIGHTMARE ON 13th..haunted house in Salt Lake...

karren being attacked by the stilts man..

Gavin enjoying the stilts man!

me trying to laugh and not be scared and make the stilts man go away...

 protect me gavin!

karren gav me tamra


waiting in liiiine..

haunted house..

swingin' with my love...

thank you kid for making this picture SOO hilarious..

 aladdin and jasmine..

riding the little kid rides with drake!!

gav being a GOOF..

fun/tiring day with the Johnson family!!

we played CLUE and dressed up as people from the game..and thenn later that night watched the movie!

mr. GREEN..

the whole gang!!

miss scarlet (kinda..) and mr. green..

gavin usual..

i had never seen anything like the pumpkin walk in my life! me tamra and karren went and it was WAY cool! they have pumpkins set up and decorated and painted as different movie scenes! it was awesome! i loved it!

princess peach and mario..this one was for gavin cause we love to play mario party!

the little mermaid...

snow white..



halloween was a blast! heather and nate were in town, so we got to celebrate halloween with them! it was a good thing heather was in town cause she helped me make my costume! i'm so grateful to have such a crafty sister!! we had a little get together at our house, played some games, and then went to Village Inn for a late night meal! 

gavin was sooooo excited about his cowboy costume! i went over in the morning to have breakfast, and he had to put on his cowboy costume and run around the house shooting his was the cutest thing in the world! just like a little boy..i love him!

ginger the bumblebee!

heather helping me with my costume!

carving pumpkins with my sister!!

handsome cowboy!

cowboy & indian..funny, right?

fighting scene..

but we worked it all out in the end..

heather had THE best comstume! a GNOME!

my indian pumpkin!